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What Should I wear?

Weather can change quickly on the sound. Dress in layers. Wear non marking shoes if you have them. Quality sunglasses and sun screen recommended. Limited rain gear is on board for those that forget. Our boats have enclosed cabins that will protect from rain and wind but make fishing hard…

If you are bringing small children please bring a coast guard approved personal floatation device for each child. Check with the captain at booking as some smaller life jackets are available.

Is there food on board?

Bottled water on board but only emergency food is on board. Feel free to bring snacks.

Captain can provide lunch at an additional charge. Notify the Captain at booking if you would like food provided.

Will I get sea sickness?

Puget Sound is not an open sea and there are not repetitive swells as you would find in the open ocean. There is wind chop but barring fog you can see land at all times.

If you have experienced sea sickness in the past, you might consider taking sea sickness medicine available at most local drug stores.